Bluecoat Gallery

3 March — 22 April 2012

Bluecoat Gallery

School Lane

Liverpool L1 3BX

Opening times

Monday—Saturday: 08:00— 18:00

Sunday: 10:00—18:00

Bluecoat Closes

TOPOPHOBIA’s final weekend at the Bluecoat  – over 13,000 visitors have seen the exhibition in Liverpool.  It’s sad to see it end here but we are really looking forward to seeing it installed at Spacex in the west country and Louise K Wilson’s new work commissioned for TOPOPHOBIA at Spacex.


TOPOPHOBIA attracted a great deal of attention as it opened at the Bluecoat in Liverpool on Friday 3 March 2012.  Rich new works by Uta Kogelsberger, Almut Rink, and Louise K Wilson and the huge shift in architectural scale meant a stunning new experience of the expanded exhibition.  In addition to all of this Emily Speed’s unhomely commission, Panoply, for TOPOPHOBIA at the Bluecoat had insinuated itself into the valuting ceiling of the gallery’s corridor.  From time to time during the evening disturbing little glimpses of naked twitching legs, or hanging hair, were visible poking through small window cuts in the high structure.

The TOPOPHOBIA preview was also the moment chosen to introduce and celebrate the arrival of the Bluecoat’s new chief executive Mary Cloake, former director of Arts Council Ireland.


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Exhibition Overview

Matthias Einhoff

Emily Speed

Almut Rink

Almut Rink

Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds, Uta Kogelsberger and Emily Speed

Uta Kogelsberger

Emily Speed and Uta Kogelsberger

Louise K Wilson

Anne Eggebert

Polly Gould and Anne Eggebert

Marja Helander and Polly Gould

David Ferrando Giraut

David Ferrando Giraut


the Bluecoat

The exhibition build is well underway at the Bluecoat and Emily Speed is working on her new large-scale installation for the commission for this leg of the touring show.  The exhibition opens on Saturday 3rd March during a weekend of VAIL (Visual Arts in Liverpool) arts events throughout the city.  See the Bluecoat website for a variety of talks and other events related to the TOPOPHOBIA exhibition.