TOPOPHOBIA Fear of Place in Contemporary Art
Publishers: Eggebert-and-Gould
Published: 13 Jan 2012
ISBN: 9780957119703
Pages: 124
Illustrations: 36 colour plates
Size: 281 x 200 mm

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TOPOPHOBIA is edited and curated by Eggebert-and Gould.

TOPOPHOBIA considers fear of place in contemporary art. How do places or situations arouse a sense of foreboding, dread or anxiety?  What type of places illicit this response? What is the spatial nature of the ensuing unease? How does our sense of self become shaped or determined by these fears? This book contributes to current debates on freedom and the culture of fear. The artists and writers featured take a look at place and space as threatened or threatening. They explore themes as wide ranging as stage fright, the virtual, environmental decay, urban dread, and technologies of disappearance, and their part in the contemporary production of spatial anxiety.

Published as a book and e-publication. The 124 page paperback with 36 colour photos features a foreword by Danielle Arnaud; an introduction and essay by curators Eggebert-and-Gould; full-colour artists pages with additional images of works by Anne Eggebert, Matthias Einhoff, David Ferrando Giraut, Polly Gould, Marja Helander, Uta Kogelsberger, Abigail Reynolds, Almut Rink, Emily Speed and Louise K Wilson, with full-page text on each artists’ work written by Polly Gould; an essay by Dr Caterina Albano, Research Fellow and curator for Artakt at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design; an essay by Thomas D Trummer, international curator and writer on art, Curator of Visual Arts, Siemens Stiftung, Munich; a newly commissioned short story by award-winning novelist Leslie Forbes; and biographies for all contributors.


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