Matthias Einhoff

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Einhoff plays with the language of slick promotional films intended to bolster the expectations of potential investors of a bright future for land as a commodity for speculation and development; but these sweeping street-scapes disappoint as the prospects for the market fade.


Matthias Einhoff was born in Hildesheim, Germany, and lives in Berlin. After training as a cabinetmaker, he studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, London. As an artist, composer and performer, he is interested in the intersection of art, popular media and everyday life. He utilizes photography, video and performance to distil media culture into abstract artifacts. In public performances, which assume the guise of media spectacles, Einhoff triggers atypical relationships between community groups. Einhoff works collaboratively and individually. He is a founding member of the performance group, Superschool, developing and presenting projects at the Maxim Gorki Theater (2006–2010), Filmmuseum Potsdamer Platz (2005) and Caroussell du Louvre (2002). A retrospective of Superschool videos was held at the Film Festival Winterthur (2007). He has staged public projects at Vasl Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, at Harburger Kunstverein and at the Jaaga Creative Common Ground, India. His videos have been screened at various festivals including the Viper, Emaf and Cracow Festival. Einhoff has realized musical projects including Ragazzi, Commercial Breakup and Group of People with the music labels Buback, Staatsakt, Parfüm (Kompakt) and Ladomat. He is a co-founder of KUNSTrePUBLIK in which he has worked since 2006 as curator, artist, researcher and activist at Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum and in other contexts, including iD Barri BDN (Barcelona, 2011), and the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art (2008). In order to broaden the urban discourse he is collaboratively running the ZKU, a Centre for Arts and Urbanistics in Berlin, and Wasteland Twinning, a platform for artistic research and action on urban wastelands worldwide. In past years, he has taught at the Berlin University of the Arts and Beaconhouse College of Art, Lahore, Pakistan. In 2010, Einhoff was a recipient of the Berlin Senate artist grant.