Abigail Reynolds

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Reynolds works with assemblage and collage, making use of found books and printed pages to construct her pieces. Her sensibility for the aesthetic similarity or political and social significance of images of British landscapes, provides the logic for their combination.


Abigail Reynolds lives and works in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, and in London. Reynolds works with photographs of landmarks and landscapes, usually found in second-hand books. The images collected are not produced by individuals, as subjective views, but by a photographer with a specific agenda. This may be a commission for a book describing England (of which there are many from the late 30’s to the early 50’s), or it might be a press photographer reporting on a specific event or action. These very intentioned photographs clearly point to the social uses of landscape – ground as ideological ground. The works also ask the viewer to direct their attention to the modes of printing and layout, as these formal decisions carry their own freight of cultural meaning and belonging.

Reynolds is represented by Seventeen Gallery in London and Ambach and Rice in Los Angeles. Her work was recently acquired by the UK Government Art Collection. Recent solo shows include The British Countryside in Pictures, Seventeen Gallery (2011); Collider, Ambach and Rice, Seattle (2010); Mount Fear, Trade Gallery, Nottingham (2010); Strange Attractor, Seventeen Gallery, London, (2010); The Universal Now, Seventeen Gallery, London (2009).  Recent group shows include At The Edge of Logic, Plataforma Revolva, Lisbon (2011); Second Hand, IMO, Copenhagen (2010); Spasticus Artisticus, Ceri Hand, Liverpool (2009); Pattern Recognition, Leicester City Gallery (2009); Unfold, Nettie Horn, London (2009). Upcoming shows include; solo show, Ambach and Rice gallery, Los Angeles (Feb 2012); What is the use of being a boy if you are going to grow up to be a man? Annie Gentils’ gallery Antwerp, (May 2012); Dear Aby Warburg, what to do with images? Gegenwartskunst Siegen (Oct 2012); The First Cut, Manchester Art Gallery (Oct 2012).